What Bakeware is Made in the USA (& not made in China)

It can be difficult to find any product these days that is not made in China. This also applies to bakeware and most other types of cookware.

Now, buying from China does not necessarily mean that the product is bad or of poor quality but many have concerns that labor practices may not be ideal, industry standards may not always be at their best or they simply prefer to support their own country by buying a product that is made in the USA.

With this in mind, I have created a big list of bakeware brands and some of their products that are made in the USA.

This includes only the most commonly used types of bakeware and the best of the best of those since there are hundreds, if not thousands, of bakeware items I could include.

IMPORTANT: Always check the description of the product you are buying before you purchase it to make sure it is made in the USA. If you see anything in the list below that is not made in the USA, please let us know by clicking on the Contact link in the menu.

Definition of bakeware – tins, trays, and other items placed in the oven during baking. – Oxford Languages

List of Bakeware Brands Made in the USA

Nordic Ware

With a name like Nordic Ware, you might be thinking that this company is from a Northern European country like Norway or Sweden. Instead, this 75-year-old company was born and bred in the USA. Their factory is based in Minneapolis and employs more than 300 people. They make a huge range of bakeware.

Bear in mind, that many of the Nordic Ware bakeware products are made with aluminum so if this is something you want to avoid, then scroll on down for more options.

You can view their full range of bakeware on Amazon here.

Here’s a couple of their most popular items.

This Commercial Baker’s Half Sheet comes in a 2 pack and is a best seller. Since it is of commercial grade, it is very popular and has excellent reviews. They are made of 100% pure aluminum so if that worries you then scroll down for more options. Otherwise if you’d like to check out the reviews on Amazon or read more about these baking sheets click here.

This Classic Metal Covered Cake Pan is another popular Nordic Ware product. This is 100% aluminum which means it bakes evenly. Plus there is a lid that you can use as a cover when needed in the oven, or use it as a cover in the fridge once the cake has cooled. You can view it here on Amazon.

Nordic Ware Bundt Pans

Nordic Ware are well known for their bundt pans and they have a beautiful range to choose from. You will definitely find one to suit your requirements in their vast range.

#1: Platinum Collection Heritage Bundt Pan

This may well be Nordic Ware’s most popular Bundt Pan with close to 4000 reviews on Amazon and a 5-star rating. That’s pretty impressive. You can view it on Amazon here.

#2 Nordic Ware Harvest Leaves

This it the anniversary edition of the original Bundt pan created by Nordic Ware. It is a classic. You can read more on Amazon here.

Watch a Tour of the Nordic Ware Factory



USA Pan was founded in 1959 and has grown to be the world’s largest commercial bakeware manufacturer. They are based in Pittsburgh and in 2009, they started developing bakeware for the home user.

From what I can tell people love it. It has excellent reviews on Amazon at least for certain pieces. I have noticed that the bakeware with folded corners gets mixed reviews. People complain about rust developing in the corners and the difficultly in cleaning. But as I said, there are mixed reviews so do your research.

You can view their full range on Amazon here.

Here’s some of their more popular items.

The Jelly Roll Pan is made of aluminized steel with a silicone non-stick coating. It’s perfect for baking cookies. You can view it on Amazon here.

This pan is commercial grade pan and will work for cup cakes or muffins. You can view it on Amazon here.

American Kitchen

American Kitchen is a brand developed by the Regal Ware company which has been in business for over a hundred years. Their bakeware is handcrafted in their factory in Wisconsin.

Their bakeware range includes muffin pans, cake pans, baking sheets, loaf pans and more.

You can view the set below on Amazon by clicking here.

360 Cookware

360 Cookware is a family owned company that comes under the Americraft banner and is based in Wisconsin. They focus on cookware but have a nice range of good quality bakeware. Their bakeware is thicker than most on the market and it is made with a 5 ply clad surgical grade stainless steel.

Their bakeware is more expensive than the aluminum-based bakeware from most of the other baker brands, but if you want to avoid aluminum then this is one brand you need to be looking at.

You can view their full range here on Amazon.

This cookie sheet is one of their most popular items on Amazon. You can check out the latest price here.

Lodge Bakeware

Most people who use cast iron iron for cooking are well aware of the Lodge brand and their beautifully made skillets, dutch ovens and numerous other cookware & bakeware items.

You can view their full range of Lodge Cast Iron Cookware on Amazon here.

You can view their bakeware range on the Lodge website here.

Lodge has been in the business of making cast iron cookware since 1896 and are based in South Pittsburg, Tennessee.

Their bakeware range is fairly new and includes a pie pan, loaf pan, a bakers skillet, pizza pan, a cornstick pan and a baking pan.

They have an excellent reputation and their cast iron cookware gets outstanding reviews.

Made in

As far as I can tell, ‘Made in’ only has one bakeware product and that is a sheet pan. But it is probably going to be a good one since many of their products are used by chefs including 3 star Michelin chefs.

‘Made in’ make their cookware using all American materials. The company only started in 2016 by two young guys but they have a 100 year family history in the kitchen supply industry.

You can take a look at the sheet pan here.